Joe Topliffe


Cyrus’s world was turned upside down when his mother and sister went missing without a trace. The city he calls home has been ravaged by a long and unforgiving war, and he and his friends are forced to fight for survival every day against the terrifying robotic mechs that roam its streets.


Clinging onto the hope that his family are still alive, Cyrus must brave the mechs, bandits, dust storms and other dangers of the outside world if he ever hopes to find them again. When he hears whispers of a slaver casting a cruel shadow over the city, Cyrus wonders if there is more to the mysterious disappearance of his family than meets the eye.

He is ready for adventure, but is Cyrus ready to uncover the deep dark secrets of the city he thought he knew so well…

Hi, I’m Joe. I work in digital marketing and write adventure novels in my spare time. I live in Hertfordshire, UK, with my wife and cat.

I published my debut novel, City of Dust in 2017 and I’m always dreaming up new adventures for other stories.

I’m currently working on my second book (more details to follow) and I’m really excited to share progress! I’m taking a little step away from science fiction/dystopia this time and living an action-packed treasure hunt thriller vicariously through these new characters. Stick around for updates and join me on this journey!

Want to talk writing, books, or what you had for dinner last night? Get in touch and let’s talk!